Outdoor solar string lights review

I've been looking for the ideal outdoor solar string lights to add to my patio pergola and I've founds them! On this blog post I will be reviewing these Anteco 20 feet long solar lights I've bought from Amazon.

These lights are versatile and easy to install, you can install these lights on a pergola, on a tree, from a tree to a wall of your house, on shrubs, hang them inside or the edge of a porch, etc.

I will go and list the facts I found to be helpful form this review and let you know what you need to know on this particular model before committing to order them:

  • Length: Listing in amazon calls the string lights to be 20 feet long, the 20 feet long is the total length of the string lights. The lighted length is 15 feet, light's are 6" apart from each other so have this in mind at the time you are measuring the areas you want to light.
  • Bulbs size: Diameter on these bulbs are 1" approximately, and are rounded shape.
  • Solar panel: Size on this panel is about 5" x 4" which is powerful to supply plenty of power for these lights, I've notice the lights to be still on around the time I go to work in the morning which is at 6:oo a.m. at this time the lights are only emitting a small amount of light.
  • Lighting modes: On/Off  and flashing mode, lights will turn on automatically at dusk time and will turn off at sunshine time.
  • Weather proof: Lights an control are suitable for outdoors, will withstand rain.
  • Whats is included: Package includes 2 solar string lights, each string lights comes attached to a solar panel, 2 yard stackes/solar mount brackets and screws to attach the mount brackets.
solar string lights
solar string lights
solar string lights
solar string lights

I would honestly recommend this specific string light's model by Adeco. The main feature it convinced me to buy this particular model was the solar panel size. It provides plenty of power for the lights and for that price tag you can't go wrong on choosing these. Here is my amazon affiliate link for these lights.


Here is a video review I did on these lights, let me know what you think of these lights in the comment box.

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Outdoor solar string lights review

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