How to fix broken mirror DIY

How to fix broken mirror

Mirrors are made of a fragile material. Glass can crack or burst from various influences, and some models even from temperature changes. To buy a good mirror that will be a perfect replacement for the old one is not an easy task. That is why many people have a question: how to fix broken mirror, […]

How to fix an irritating whistling shower

fix a whistling shower

If you’re dealing with a whistling shower, it can be a real nuisance. But don’t worry – there are a few simple steps you can take to fix it. All you need is some basic tools and a bit of patience. Malfunctions of plumbing fixtures occur frequently. The reasons are varied: poor quality installation, product […]

Christmas window snow art DIY


Before attempting to start doing your design you will need to consider the location of your window you want to use, the dimensions of the window you use to add snow art and the visibility from your window. On my case I chose to do a wreath design for my window snow display of this […]

Increase your precision when cutting wood boards

wood boards

On this post I’ll show you the technique I use every time in order to cut wood boards more accurate, by using this technique you could get cut dimensions at +- .030″ this equals to half of one sixteen of an inch! How to cut wood cleanly? The miter saw is a 12 in. Double-Bevel […]

DIY cat silhouette shade prop

cat silhouette

Today we’re making a Halloween cat shade prop. This prop will produce an enlarged shade of the spooky cat by directing a projection light to it at night time. After you have printed the 4 sheets, align the locator holes and tape the sheets once everything looks lined up. Attach the template to a 1/4″ […]

How to make a witch cauldron prop for Halloween

witch cauldron

How do you make Halloween cauldron decorations? So, this year’s decoration theme I’ll do is witches, we’ll make a witch cauldron prop for our front garden Halloween display. We’ll go step by step and list the needed items and tools well need. Needed items and tools: Prep the tub by cutting the rope handles and […]

Gingerbread man prop tutorial

Gingerbread man

A gingerbread house theme decorations theme is not complete without a gingerbread man prop! On this post I’ll share the steps I did to make this prop for this years Christmas theme. Items you will need: Step 1 – Tracing/cutting After gluing your templates together using glue sticks you will need to trim the shape […]

Swirl candy tutorial with templates included

Swirl candy

So this year we decided at home to do candy land decorations for this Christmas, on this post I wil show you how I did this swirl candy decorations and will share the exact same templates I used to chive this result. Swirl candy tutorial Swirl lollipops are a fun treat to eat and make. […]

How to re-use your laundry machine water

laundry machine

Can I reuse the water from my washing machine? When you do a load of laundry, your washing machine uses water to clean your clothes. After the clothes are clean, the water is drained from the machine. Can you reuse this water for other purposes, such as watering plants or cleaning? The answer to this […]

Car floor carpet repair


Today we’ll be fixing a hole on my car’s floor carpet, this is my cars floor current condition car on which I put on 40+ miles five days a week and I haven’t given much importance to this issue until now. I’ve postponed this fix for a long time here as you can see that […]