How to re-use your laundry machine water

laundry machine

Can I reuse the water from my washing machine? When you do a load of laundry, your washing machine uses water to clean your clothes. After the clothes are clean, the water is drained from the machine. Can you reuse this water for other purposes, such as watering plants or cleaning? The answer to this […]

Car floor carpet repair


Today we’ll be fixing a hole on my car’s floor carpet, this is my cars floor current condition car on which I put on 40+ miles five days a week and I haven’t given much importance to this issue until now. I’ve postponed this fix for a long time here as you can see that […]

DIY wooden garden tote, plus essential gardening tools


So it was back in winter time when i couldn’t get some sunlight after getting home from work, I only had lights in my garage and some pieces of wood boards laying around so I decided to make a wooden garden tote in order to get ready for spring time. I  didn’t spent nothing on […]

Prune your tree to an even round shape using this guide


Have you ever wanted to prune a tree or bush but were afraid that will look awful? Fear no more! With this pruning guide I will show you here your trees will have a consisting rounded shape. Having trees and shrubs properly pruned will gives your landscape a great appealing look, not to mention that […]

Free trees and planting tips

Free trees

You have to agree that not many things are better than a FREE fruit tree right? I was lucky enough to get my free tangerine tree this weekend for free, trees were donated by the non profit organization Tree People. A total of 225 free trees were donated on the event that took place at […]

Make a Gravity drip irrigation system using recyclables!

drip irrigation

Advantages of using drip irrigation in the cottage The main advantages of drip irrigation – it is getting the necessary amount of moisture by the root system, as well as minimal physical effort and material costs. This type of watering is of interest to many gardeners and gardeners, as the drip irrigation system can be […]

Reduce your yard waste size

yard waste

On this post we’ll be compacting branches and leaves, don’t spend extra money on taking your yard waste to a dump field. By using this method, you ‘ll be compacting your yard waste significantly. These branches came from pruning a tree on my backyard and I am planning to throw them in my trash bin […]

Boost your chili plants production


Provide your chili plants a kick start before spring time arrives! So, this year I have decided to take better care of my plants, specially my chili plants! I wanted these plants to have a strong start before spring time arrives so I could get better chillies. It has been a cold and windy month […]

Lawn aeration benefits plus tips

Lawn aeration

Besides proper irrigation and fertilizing your lawn, aerating is a key technique which will create a healthy lush lawn! On this post we’ll talk about the importance of lawn aeration and the benefits that will do to your lawn. Background Before talking about the benefits of lawn aeration I want you to know what happens […]

5 gallon water bucket, 5 days to drain gravity drip irrigation system

gravity drip

On this post I’ll show you how to make a gravity drip irrigation system which would last up to 5 days to drain, this setup is ideal to water outdoor plants specially if you will be away from home for some days. Needed items Needed tools: Setup: Trying the system Is now time to try […]