Prune your tree to an even round shape using this guide

Have you ever wanted to prune a tree or bush but were afraid that will look awful?

Fear no more! With this pruning guide I will show you here your trees will have a consisting rounded shape.

Having trees and shrubs properly pruned will gives your landscape a great appealing look, not to mention that your trees will be healthier; by having less foliage more of the nutrients absorbed by your trees will be available on higher proportions! Pictures shown on this post are from my Mexican lemon tree.

Now, before you do prune your tree or bush you should research the specific prune needs and the best time to prune/trim per your particular specie, since trimming to much at a wrong time it could cause damage to certain tree/bush types.

Needed items:

  • Wood post or pole
  • Eye or hook screw
  • String
  • Loppers or pruning shears

Tree dimensions


First thing to do is to determine your current tree dimensions and how you want your tree to look after being pruned:

Height: Measure how tall you want your tree to be after pruning, measure from the ground to top of tree.

Width: Measure how wide you want your tree after pruning, measure from the trunk to the edge.

Center: Deduct the width length from the height length tp determined the needed center of rotation point. (Here is where we'll be setting the eye screw)

How to prune a rounded shape tree

Making the guide


  1.  Cut the wood post length (here I am using a 1x2 wood board) to the center dimension you’ve got, on my case was to 4 feet.
  2.  Place the eye screw on top of the wood board (see image 1).
  3.  Secure the string to the tree trunk, here I am using clamps to do the work. If no clamps are available you could tie it with string (see image 2).
  4.  Cut a string to the length of the wanted width for your tree, on my case was 4 feet remember this is the dimensions from the trunk of the tree to the edge (see image 2 and 3).
  5.  Attach one end of the string to the eye screw and use the other end to secure your loppers of pruning shears (see image 2 and 3).

image 2


image 1


image 3

How it works

You  will be cutting in a rounded motion all around the canopy of your tree by having the string strength at all the time:

tree guide 02

Now some comparison pictures:







I will leave here my amazon afiliate links on the sears/loppers and the needed hardware:

Let me know if you found this post helpful or of you have any questions of this process in the comment box, happy pruning!

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And here is a video version of thus blog post:

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3 thoughts on “Prune your tree to an even round shape using this guide”

  1. I really like your idea to put in a post that will keep the tree straight as you prune and let it grow. My partner and I just bought a home that has plenty of trees on our property that we want to prune and make sure they look nice. I think that hiring a professional tree service is a good way to get everything looking nice very quickly.

    1. Yes it is a easy guide to follow, in my case I have a lemon and orange tree I can trim this way. I’ll be planting a mandarin, a guava and and a pomegranate which I will trim the same way once they reach enough height 🙂

  2. So In order to shape over grown trees, it’s ok to cut the tops in order to shape and get them under control ? Just moved in and property sat abandoned and it’s a big mess . This is the easiest guide I’ve seen and feel like I can do it?

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