DIY wooden garden tote, plus essential gardening tools

So it was back in winter time when i couldn’t get some sunlight after getting home from work, I only had lights in my garage and some pieces of wood boards laying around so I decided to make a wooden garden tote in order to get ready for spring time.

I  didn't spent nothing on this project since I already had all the needed tools and items, I will walk you through all the steps required to make this wooden tool box. Here are the tools and items needed, I'll also have added my amazon affiliate links for these:

Needed tools:

Wood boards needed:

  • 1 x 8 board (1 pc at 16" long and two ends, see picture)
  • 1 x 4 board (2 pcs at 16" long)
  • Ø1" pole (16" long)
I will show with illustrations the needed order to assemble this wooden tote, the length I selected was 16" which was determined by my needs, you will want want to make your wood box as long as you need to.
TIP: before start adding screws is ideal to make countersink holes at every location where the screws will go in order to avoid having screw heads sticking out from the wood walls. Also, make pilot holes to avoid the wood boards to crack in case no self drilling screws are to be used.
how to make a wood garden tote


Countersink at the center of the board 3/8" away from the wall face, and for the side countersinks place them about 2" away from the edges. Drill pilot holes if not self drilling screws are to be used.

Attach the side boards to the base boards as shown using the 1 1/2" long screws.


Countersink at end boards as shown, on the side boards image then add 1 1/2" wood screws. You are free of modifying the side boards profile as per your needs.

how to make a wood garden tote
how to make a wood garden tote
how to make a wood garden tote


Place the wood pole in between the side boards and concentric with the radius on top, and add the 2" screws this time. Again if you are not using self drilling screws you will need to do pilot holes on the pole in order to prevent cracks on the wood pole or side boards.

how to make a wood garden tote
how to make a wood garden tote

This wooden tote will provide easy storage for your garden tools for many seasons to come! Next I'll share with you my essential garden tools I believe everyone doing gardening should have.


Always helpful for when digging for planting, they will keep your hands clean and prevent your nails from dirt buildup also great for avoiding touching insects, bugs or thorns from bushings or trees.

Knee pads:

Knee pads are a must as when gardening you will need to kneel here and there, unlike padded pads knee pads will follow you wherever you go.


Pruning, pruning and more pruning is essential to keep the health of your plants. You will want to prune the broken, infected water sprung branches from your trees, shrubs or smaller plants.

Weed puller:

Have a weed free garden with this effective hand tool, or if you have a larger lawn a standing weed puller will be ideal.

Green house:

Provide the extra heat punch to your plants using a green house. A green house will elevate the temperature on its inside ideal for chilly plants, in fact I've made a blog post on boosting chilli plants production here is the link in case you might want to visit it:

I hopped you has enjoyed this post and will make your own wooden garden toot for your tools, let me know if you have a question on making the tote on the comments box.

Disclosure: Product links and publicity banners on this post are my Amazon affiliate links, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

How to make your own wooden garden tote using common wood boards plus essential gardening tools every home owner needs to have
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