DIY Cat silhouette shade prop

Today we're making a Halloween cat shade prop. This prop will produce an enlarged shade of the spooky cat by directing a projection light to it at night time.

First things first, download the 4-sheet template print for the cat's silhouette from my blog link, link is located at the description box.

After you have printed the 4 sheets, align the locator holes and tape the sheets once everything looks lined up. Attach the template to a 1/4" plywood sheet using spray glue.
I'll be using the double sided jig saw blade made by the spider brand, this blade is made by a German brand so I expect  nothing but quality cuts from them. This is the first time I am using this blade This is the model 300010. I was not able to find the 300010 but the model from the link is for multi surfaces so it shuld work just fine for cutting wood!
I'll be cutting only the eyes of the cat for this demonstration. I have drilled a 1/4" holes using the drill bit to get started. What makes this blade amazing is the rear raw of teeth. This allows to make tight turns as the rear teeth cut through the material on the back as you are turning it.

With this blade is you can cut in reverse direction you just need to lift the jig saw in an angle towards the front and cut in reverse. Over all I am impressed by this blade and from now on this will be my new standard.

Here's the  complete cat silhouette finished.. since I'll  be using it to project a shadow I am not concerned about some of the raw edges. You can see that the blade made nice cuts on the radius's but it struggle a bit doing acute cuts on reverse cut function. So, I'll recommend not to use the reverse cut for acute shapes, it would be better to make extra holes with a drill and cut from those holes instead.

Here's the final product, I have screwed a piece of 1x2 board to the rear face of the cat and painted the front face of the cat with black spray paint. The 1x2 was cut in angle on both ends, on the lower to make it easier to push in my front garden and on the upper end so the corner won't be reflected on.

And here there are pictures of it looked when finish and projection LED lights were added. These light are pretty cool since they come with a control which can change light color and lighting modes I'll sure be using them for other holiday displays.
halloween cat - pin
Here is the video version of this blog post:

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