5 gallon water bucket, 5 days to drain gravity drip irrigation system

On this post I’ll show you how to make a gravity drip irrigation system which would last up to 5 days to drain, this setup is ideal to water outdoor plants specially if you will be away from home for some days.

This video is a follow up of the gravity drip irrigation system I did using a 2 litter recycled soda bottle, if you havent seen that post I will recommend you to visit this link. http://handynoah.com/make-a-gravity-drip-irrigation-system-using-recyclables/

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Needed items

Needed tools:


  1. Drilling a hole near the bottom edge of the 5 gallon bucked using the 9/64 drill bit.
  2. Insert the 1/2 dripper to the hole you drilled on the bucket.
  3. Drill holes on the bucket cap, this will server as air ports for proper irrigation.
  4. Connect a section of the irrigation tubing to the dripper, the length of the Irrigation tubing will depend of how far you need to re-direct the water.
five gallon gravity drip irrigation
five gallon gravity drip irrigation
five gallon gravity drip irrigation
five gallon gravity drip irrigation

Trying the system

Is now time to try our gravity drip irrigation system, I’ve set these bricks to raise the level of the bucket for better drainage purposes and to avoid the dripper making contact with the ground.

After filling the bucket with water if you notice a leak at the location where the dripper is inserted you will need to empty the bucket and dry it in order to apply silicone caulk around the marked area.

five gallon gravity drip irrigation

This gravity drip irrigation system will save you water and keep your plants healthy, let me know if you have any questions on this tutorial; here is a video that shows step by step the making of this system:

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