Perfect shape Christmas tree

We all want to that perfect shaped Christmas tree for our homes, but sometimes nature won’t be kind enough and will give us something more like a Charly brown version 😂.

Shape or trim your Christmas tree to a perfect triangular shape

But this can change, we can trim our Christmas tree to a more triangular shape using this technique, we’ll simple use a guide and cut along with our manual or powered shears.

First, I want to show you the current shape of this tree. as you can see is it has overgrown tips at the upper section and all around.

I’ll be using this a 1/2” PVC pipe as our guide, you could use a wood board or other elongated material as a guide. I will simply cut along the branches with my hedge trimmer or you could also use your gardening shears. I will leave here the product links of the gardening shears and the powered hedge trimmer that I personally have in case you might need to get one of these tools.

We’ll give it its first pass on this end. We’ll cut along the PVC pipe and move slightly around the pipe to give it other passes.

Perfect shape christmas tree

After the first passes we already can see some progress so I’ll go ahead and move the pipe around the tree and continue cutting.

Perfect shape Christmas tree

Ok, so it’s almost finish, I believe I am missing only some minor details here and there.

Alright, here are some pictures of the before and after trimming this tree. what do you think, did the tree shape improved or did I totally mess it up?

Perfect shape christmas tree

And this is a take on another tree I used the same trimming technique. Also here is a link on the cool white LED Christmas lights that were used on this tree, I really liked the color tone of these lights and wanted to share the link for it.

Perfect shape christmas tree

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Easy tutorial to shape or trim your Christmas tree to a perfect triangular shape using households tools and items.

I also made a video tutorial on this post:

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