Lawn aeration benefits plus tips

Besides proper irrigation and fertilizing your lawn, aerating is a key technique which will create a healthy lush lawn! On this post we'll talk about the importance of lawn aeration and the benefits that will do to your lawn.


Before talking about the benefits of lawn aeration I want you to know what happens to our lawns every year. After rolling heavy equipment such as a lawn mower or just by walking on our lawn year round the soil gets compacted by all this traffic, this will impede grass root growth which will affect grass health overall.

lawn aeration benefits

And now lets talk about the benefits of lawn aeration and why you should consider aerating your lawn least once a year.


  • Oxygen is needed improve the air exchange in between the soil and the atmosphere.
  • If you find that water is running out of your lawn, aerating will allow water to enter the soil.
  • Holes generated by aeration will allow nutrients and fertilizer to supply the roots.
  • All the above will help the grass root to develop a more healthy system resulting and a great looking and healthy lawn.


  • Ideally you will want to aerate your lawn after a rain storm or after heavy watering your lawn.
  • Cold season grasses aeration time: The best time is early spring, if a second aeration is to be done the middle of fall will be ideal.
  • Warm season grasses aeration time: Mid to late spring is ideal.
lawn aeration benefits

Manual plug aerator review

I recently bought me a manual plug aerator after checking several models and specs, and here is my review on this particular model I choose.

lawn aeration benefits

Why I choose the corona core aerator:

  • I was convinced at first sight when I saw this model juts by looking at it's heavier material thickness and well made welds. Other models I've seen online are made out of thinner materials and they end up breaking out after light use.
  • Handles are made out of gel like rubber making it comfortable to use.
  • Total length of this tool is 40".
  • I am looking forward to use this manual core aerator for years and years.
lawn aeration benefits

Correct way to manual aerate

  • Right way: The correct way to use a manual lawn core aerator toll is to insert the tool perpendicular to the surface being worked on, this will allow the soil to push up trough the tool tines without plugin it so often.
lawn aeration benefits

Wrong way:  By inserting the tines in angle the soil gets compacted by not having an easy escape, this will case the tool to clog more often and I don't believe you want to go this route.


lawn aeration benefits

Core aerating will provide your grass root the mentioned benefits, this a technique that I will do at least once to my lawn.

If you are looking to get a manual core aerator I'll leave here my amazon affiliate link on this particular aerator I have review and I personally use, I'll also drop other aerator products you might be interested in:

Corona manual aerator link:

Other aerator products:

I hope you have found this post helpful, let me know in the comments box if you have any question!


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2 thoughts on “Lawn aeration benefits plus tips”

  1. When the ground feels hard as a rock even if there has been adequate moisture, it needs aerating. The lawn takes a long time to drain, with large puddles left behind for a period of time after it rains. In this case, it definitely needs aerating. The grass looks patchy and thin, turns brown during heat spells, and stops growing in the August swelter. It’s a good candidate for aerating.

  2. I like that you mentioned that with lawn aeration you can better allow nutrients to get into the roots. I have been wanting to help my lawn be healthy and green all summer long. Maybe an aeration service is what I need to really help keep it healthy.

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