Free trees and planting tips

You have to agree that not many things are better than a FREE fruit tree right? I was lucky enough to get my free tangerine tree this weekend for free, trees were donated by the non profit organization Tree People. A total of 225 free trees were donated on the event that took place at Harm park in the city of Lynwood, CA on 10/20/18.


About the Tree People

The Tree People is an environmental nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire, engage and support people to take personal responsibility for the urban environment, making it safe, healthy, fun and sustainable.

If you are reside in Los Angeles County or nearby cities I suggest for you to check their website to see when they will be doing another fruit tree donation round since they donate several times a year.

Besides donating fruit trees, The Tree People organization is actively engaging everyone in programs such as plating trees around our cities, informative workshops and maintaining and restoration of our parks and otherĀ green initiatives programs.

Before we were given the free fruit tree we were given a workshop related to how to plant our trees from a container to the ground which were really helpful for us to ensure we'll do the needed steps in order to transplant our trees successfully!

Before planting a tree

  1. Call 811 - Before you plant a tree you need to make sure no utility lines run at the space you are planing to do so, you don't want to be the neighboor who accidentally cuts off the power to your block.
  2. Plan in future - Research your tree type as some trees might grow to certain height and width, allow the necesary space for trees to grow without damaging you or your neighbors properties.

Planting trees tips

I will share with you the tips we were given at the free tree distribution event about how to successfully plant tress:

  1. Chose an area which for tree where it will receive at least 8 hours of sun light a day.
  2. Make a hole to plant your tree double as wide as the container where the tree is.
  3. Make sure the depth of the hole where you will be planting your tree is the same depth as the soil from your treeĀ  in the container.
  4. Once you have your tree on the dug hole, lightly massage the roots around the compacted soil is from the container; this along with the over-sized hole on width will help to stimulate and grow your tree roots.
  5. Add a top layer of mulch, leaves or grass cuttings on around the tree's perimeter this will prevent water to evaporate when the temperature rises and will provide extra heat for when the weather is cold.
  6. Don't water your tree directly at the trunk, instead lightly water at around where the root system of your tree is. Did you know that over-watering a tree is the main reason why trees die?
free fruit trees and planting tips

You can determine how often you need to water your tree, water schedule will vary depending on weather conditions. To verify if your tree needs water simply stick your finger about 1 inch into the soil at around the root system, if the soil feels moist you don't need to water until soil is dry.

I will leave here my amazon affiliate links of my preferred tools for making holes to plant trees, the hole post digger will work only to make holes whereas the pick can also make holes but it can be used for other projects although the most effective tool for this case will be the hole post digger. Maybe you'll even need both for diverse tasks you will need to do around your house!

I hope you had enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed getting my free tree, I can't wait for the next free fruit tree distribution event by The Three people for me to get another amazing free fruit tree :).

let me know if you have any questions on this post and don't forget to check on the tree people organization for great tips and events!

tree planting infographic

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