Car floor carpet repair – DIY using household items

Today we'll be fixing a hole on my car's floor carpet, this is my cars floor current condition car on which I put on 40+ miles five days a week and I haven’t given much importance to this issue until now.
I've postponed this fix for a long time here as you can see that overtime my heel has managed to make a hole on the mat and through the carpet floor on my car. One option will be to take it to a shop for somebody else to replace a good portion of the flooring carpet and charge me a hundred dollars or so to do it, but today we'll be doing this fix using common items we might have laying around in our garages.

I'll be putting links to the items I used for this repair in case you don't have them already!

This is the current condition from my car floor carpet, here is the damage from my everyday heel weight:
repair your car floor carpet DIY
repair your car floor carpet DIY

To fill the missing material space I’ll be adding a piece of styro foam (white foam board).

repair your car floor carpet DIY
The height on my car flooring carpet seems to be 3/4" and I have a 1" thick styro foam so I’ll have cut it to the needed height.
Once I’ve cut the foam to the right height, I need to make sure the piece of foam will stay in place, ill use "great stuff" for this. Great stuff is an expandable insulation foam that hardness when dry, Ill add at the space between the foam and floor carpet.
repair your car floor carpet DIY

Before the great stuff dries out you’ll be able to manage it without it getting stick to your skin, at this moment only the outside layer of the expandable foam is dry. Ill push it in the space in between to form an even surface to the floor carpet.

repair your car floor carpet DIY

After it dries I’ll add some strips of gorilla tape, this tape will hold everything together and will prevent for the foam to break and spread all around. The ugly look of the tape will be hidden with the new mats we’ll set on top of the carpet.

repair your car floor carpet DIY
repair your car floor carpet DIY

Once getting the new mats in place my car looks more presentable than before, I could have taken the car to a car to replace the carpet floor section and spend close to a hundred dollars but instead I have repair it using items I already have my only expense here was the new mats. Here is a selection of floor mats you might want to look per your car's style:

Here is the video version of this post:

Let me know is this tip helped you repairing your car carpet or a similar situation on the comments box.

repair your car floor carpet DIY using household items

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