free fruit trees and planting tips

Free trees and planting tips

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You have to agree that not many things are better than a FREE fruit tree right? I was lucky enough to get my free tangerine tree this weekend for free, trees were donated by the non profit organization Tree People. A total of 225 free trees were donated on the

five gallon gravity drip irrigation

5 gallon water bucket, 5 days to drain gravity drip irrigation system

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On this post I’ll show you how to make a gravity drip irrigation system which would last up to 5 days to drain, this setup is ideal to water outdoor plants specially if you will be away from home for some days. This video is a follow up of the

Outdoor solar string lights review

Outdoor solar string lights review

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I've been looking for the ideal outdoor solar string lights to add to my patio pergola and I've founds them! On this blog post I will be reviewing these Anteco 20 feet long solar lights I've bought from Amazon. These lights are versatile and easy to install, you can install


Prune your tree to an even round shape using this guide

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Have you ever wanted to prune a tree or bush but were afraid that will look awful? Fear no more! With this pruning guide I will show you here your trees will have a consisting rounded shape. Having trees and shrubs properly pruned will gives your landscape a great appealing

Make a gravity drip irrigation system using a 2 litter recycled soda bottle

Make a Gravity drip irrigation system using recyclables!

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Can you believe a two litter bottle took over ten hours to drain using the gravity drip irrigation system from this post? It is also super economic to do, one system requires one dripper which cost 25¢. That means that each system will cost you 25 cents having in mind