repair your car floor carpet DIY using household items

Car floor carpet repair – DIY using household items

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Today we'll be fixing a hole on my car's floor carpet, this is my cars floor current condition car on which I put on 40+ miles five days a week and I haven’t given much importance to this issue until now.   I've postponed this fix for a long time

DIY wooden garden tote, plus essential gardening tools

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So it was back in winter time when i couldn’t get some sunlight after getting home from work, I only had lights in my garage and some pieces of wood boards laying around so I decided to make a wooden garden tote in order to get ready for spring time.

On this post I'll share what I do to help my chilli plants to produce better and more chillies. This method will boost an early production of chillies this year

Boost your chilli plants production

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Provide your chilli plants a kick start before spring time arrives!   So, this year I have decided to take better care of my plants, specially my chili plants! I wanted these plants to have a strong start before spring time arrives so I could get better chillies. It has

lawn aeration benefits

Lawn aeration benefits plus tips

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Besides proper irrigation and fertilizing your lawn, aerating is a key technique which will create a healthy lush lawn! On this post we'll talk about the importance of lawn aeration and the benefits that will do to your lawn. Background Before talking about the benefits of lawn aeration I want

Christmas gingerbread man prop DIY

Gingerbread man prop tutorial – DIY

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A gingerbread house theme decorations theme is not complete without a gingerbread man prop! On this post I'll share the steps I did to make this prop for this years Christmas theme. Items you will need: A printer with letter size paper Scissors 1" thick or thicker foam or rigid