An easy simple guide to grow butterflies on your garden step by step - DIY

raising butterflies guide

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My reason for butterflying!   It all started when my daughter said she wanted to have butterflies on our backyard! it seemed an appealing idea since it was something I haven't done before and having colored butterfly on my backyard doesn't sounds as bad. The formula to grow butterflies is

DIY Cat silhouette shade prop

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Today we're making a Halloween cat shade prop. This prop will produce an enlarged shade of the spooky cat by directing a projection light to it at night time. First things first, download the 4-sheet template print for the cat's silhouette from my blog link, link is located at the description

How to make a witch cauldron prop for Halloween

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So, this year’s decoration theme I’ll do is witches, we'll make a witch cauldron prop for our front garden Halloween display. We'll go step by step and list the needed items and tools well need. Needed items and tools Spray glue 18 gal. container: Scissors Foam board Hot wire foam

How to re-use your laundry machine water

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This is one of my favorite’s topic and should be one of everyone’s as well due to its importance so today we'll be doing a setup in order to save water by re-using the water from our laundry machines on our lawns or gardens. We’ll be storing the water from